Watch for bear's In Lofsdalen Bear's Den

Spend the night in the fully furnished cottage Bear's Den

View Swedish Predators

The gallery has large windows and eight holes for telephoto lenses

Spend the night in Lofsdalen Bear's Den with good chances of seeing the European Brown Bear and perhaps other large Nordic predators. It is an experience you will never forget.

The cottage has six bunks, a kitchen, a toilet and a gallery with wall seats on one wall with a window for watching and eight holes for photography. The overnight stay includes “evening snack” and drink.

Payment is made and details are obtained from the guide at Karins Sportbod pm. 17:00 before leaving for the cottage including travel direction to the cottage, entrance and instructions for the night in the cottage.

You use your private transportation to the nearest forest road about 7 km and then it’s 1 km easy walking to the cabin.


For staying in Lofsdalen Bear's Den

Bear's Den bookings are open summer 2020!

The cottage has sex bunks. Max participants is ten persons: six adults and four children. Fees per night.

  • Adults (13 years and older) 1500 SEK / ca. 150 .
  • Children between 6-12 years 400 SEK / ca. 40 .
    Must share bed with an adult if your number exceeds number of bunks.
  • Children under 6 years is not recommended since the the bears’s hearing is very good and sounds can scare them away.
  • Rent Lofsdalen Bear’s Den for your own use: 6000 SEK / ca. € 600 per night. Make use of the six bunks and rooms at your own discretion.

Exemple Fees:
2 adult and 2 children 6-12 years : 3800 SEK / ca. 380 €.
3 adult and 3 children : 5700 SEK / ca. 570 €.