Bike Riding in Lofsdalen

Rent bicycles for track, road and trail at all skill levels at Karins Sportbod

Rent bicycles at Karins Sportbod

Go for a bike ride in the beautiful mountain surroundings. we have bikes for young cyclists, asphalt, dirt road and terrain. the bikes can be rented by the hour, day or week. Around the lake Lofssjön runs a bicycle and hiking trail, long distances close to shore. It is a very beautiful and popular tour of about 40 km. At regular intervals around the lake are ready-made rest stops, and swimming if you want to cool off. For those who want to ride in a little rougher terrain there are ski trails of varying lengths and gradients. For more information about the tours – please contact us at Karins or contact Lofsdalen tourist office.

Rental bicycles

Scott Genius eRide 930 Electric MTB

Scott Genius eRide 930 MTB cycle for adults

The Scott Genius eRide 930 is a 29-inch full suspension electric mountain bike and the next generation of e-bikes from Scott. With an avant-garde design, cutting-edge technology, integrated and advanced battery management, the Genius eRide 930 prioritizes the riding experience. This is the ultimate choice for riders who want confidence when the terrain gets tougher! Note: This is not a downhill bike.

Scott Spark 960 MTB full suspension

Scott Spark 960 MTB cycle for adults

A 29-inch full-suspension MTB that is perfect for both beginner and advanced trails. With front and rear shock absorbers, the riding experience is both more comfortable and fun when going downhill. With the intelligent Scott Twinloc system, the suspension can easily be adjusted to three different settings with just the press of a button. Please note: this is not a downhill bike.

Scott Aspect 950 MTB

Scott Aspect 950 MTB cycle for adults

A front-suspended 29-inch mountain bike that is perfect for cycling around Lofssjön, on roads, gravel roads, and easy to medium difficult MTB trails. With the larger 29-inch wheels, it is easier to navigate through rockier terrain.

Scott Aspect 750 MTB

Scott Aspect 750 MTB cycle for adults

A front suspension 27.5 inch MTB that works well for activities such as cycling around Lofssjön on roads, gravel paths, and easy to moderate mountain bike trails.

Scott Roxter eRide 24 junior MTB

Scott Roxter eRide 24 Electric MTB for Juniors

Electric mountain bike for children with lengths between 130-150cm, suitable for all types of riding, such as road, gravel paths, and easy trails.

Scott Roxter 24 junior MTB

Scott Roxter 24 MTB cycle for juniors

Perfect mountain bike for children measuring between 130-150cm, suitable for all types of riding, including road, gravel paths, and easier trails.

Scott Roxter 20 child MTB

Scott Roxter 20 for children

Excellent mountain bike for children between 120-135cm in length that is suitable for all kinds of riding, including road, gravel paths, and easier trails.

Scott Contessa Walker child MTB

Scott Contessa Walker for small children

A mountain bike for the very smallest, the bike goes as fast as the children can kick.

Rental Prices

Rental Prices for Summer 2023. Bicycles can be picked up at store’s opening and returned at 17:00.

MTB Trails

Stenrutsleden MTB

For the experienced and fit MTB rider we recommend Stenrutsleden MTB. This is a trail that starts on the southern side of Lake Lofssjön. It winds in serpentine turns up through the mighty pine and fir forest until you reach the halfway point. There you will have a fantastic view and close by there is a windshield where you can enjoy your packed lunch bag and catch your breath a bit. The road down from the mountain offers lovely flowy cycling through velodromes and over footbridges until you finally come down to Lake Lofssjön again. Perfect for taking an after-bike swim! The Stenrutsleden trail is 12 km long.

Myggan MTB

Very Easy

Myggan (the Mosquito) MTB is a newly built trail for the young ones. It starts at the Elljusspåret ski track and is approximately 600 m long track with fun trail sections for all children where you can choose the level of difficulty yourself. The rider can opt if they want to ride over bumps or cycle next to them. 

There is also a cool bridge that you can cycle over, very appreciated by the children as it offers a bit of a thrill! You will find the Myggan MTB where the ski track Elljusspåret starts at the entrance to the ski resort.

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