Stand Up Paddleboard

Great fun exploring family activity

Stabile and Easy

Suitable for all ages and skills

Standup Paddling on SUP

Experience Lofsdalen in a new exciting way. Standup paddling is a great way to get out on the water for relaxation or a workout. The board is inflatable and very stable. The SUP board is easy to drive forward and feels safe. SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboard which means that you stand, stand on your knees or sit on a large surfboard and paddle with a long paddle. A perfect activity for the whole family, your friends or if you just want to have self-time you and the lake. If you are brave you can run a yoga pass on the board and fine-tune your balance. The rental takes place at Karins Sportbod. Rental prices 3 hours for 250 SEK och whole day 400 SEK.
No previous experience is required and you choose how long you want to rent and where you want to go. You can choose to have your SUP either pumped up or you can get it in a backpack with the entire kit if you want to go and explore somewhere else.

Tip for the Family

One tip for the family is to round the "Rabbit Island" in Lofssjön outside the bath east of the Lofsdalen Camping. For those who want a little more challenge, there is a wind shelter at Västvallen on the other side of Lofssjön where you can stop and enjoy coffee before returning home. Learn how to SUP-paddle just south of Karin's Sportbod by the lakeshore for a while and don't forget that calm weather and swimwear are recommended for starters!

Tip for the adventurous

When you have grown more confident and experienced you can rent the SUP and take it to one of Lofsdalens beautiful lakes and ponds. Tips are Glötesjön (1), Boktjärn (7), Dyckessjön (10) or Svartåstjärn (11). This is a fantastic and magical quiet nature-based experience either entirely by yourself or in a group.

MAP over Lofsdalen

The maps is available at all local businesses.
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