Backcountry skis and skiing

Adventure skiing in Lofsdalen

Backcountry skis and skiing

Try backcountry skiing which is the origin of cross-country skiing from the era prior to groomed ski trails and tracks. In the Nordic countries the traditional backcountry touring skiiing, “going on a tour”, comes natural to us and is very appreciated for adventuring, hunting, exploring and slow beautiful exercise. Snap on your backcountry skis outside the cabin door and ski straight out into the terrain, independent of ski tracks and experience the quiet nature all to yourself. We have backcountry skis for all occasions: narrower, wider, with “crown structure”, with skins, without skins, with steel edges and without steel edges. You can rent backcountry ski equipment in our ski rental or buy backcountry skis, backcountry boots and poles in our store. We help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Carrying capacity

New, deep and dry snow needs wider skis. And longer skis carry better.


Some backcountry skis have steel edges, which provides safer skiing in icy and sloping conditions.

Ski waist

Backcountry skis with a waist are more fun for downhill skiing with the traditional telemark turn.

Climbing skins

Climbing skins provides unmatched grip on steep slopes. When going downhill, the skins are removed.


Ski camber is not as important for backcountry skis. Ski length follows body weight and height.

Glide and grip

Backcountry skiing is best done off-track and is not as dependent on waxing. But good glide does not hurt.

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Our best tour tips

The map is interactive. The tour tips are light yellow. Click on the white icon in the upper left corner of the map to unfold a panel where you can activate which layers are to be displayed on the map. The map can also be enlarged to full screen with the white icon in the upper right corner of the map.


Park at The Panorama. Choose either (1) to follow the groomed ski trail towards Solgropen. At Solgropen you turn off the ski trail and continue straight to the right of the privy and up towards Digervålen. The second alternative (2) is to leave the groomed trail directly at Panorama in untouched snow straight up north over the frozen fens, continue up towards Digervålen. Here you can cross between mountain birches and enjoy the beautiful nature before you finally reach the top and have a first-class view of Hovärken and the mountains on the south side. Both tour tips are shown on the map above. Tip: look for and dare an exciting ride down the Secret Valley (Hemliga dalen).


A fun and challenging ride.

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Hemliga dalen Digervålen.
The Secret Valley

Digervålen west side

Park at The Panorama. Follow the ski trail to Solgropen and out on the Strådalsleden trail. Turn right/north and ski on the western slope of Digervålen through sparse birch forest. Round the waist of Digervålen and keep as much right and up as the terrain allows. Once at Digervålen’s northwestern shoulder, you see The Sonfjället mountain massif and perhaps the occasional shy mountain grouse.


Easy skiiing in sloping terrain. Some small hills.

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Digervålens nordvästra axel. Utsikt mot Sonfjället.
View from Digervålen north-west shoulder towards The Sonfjället mountain massif.


A trip for the experienced skier. You start at The Panorama and take aim up towards mount Hovärken, along the Alpine resorts top piste ski in ski out trail, then continue past mount Hovärken, in the pass between mount Hovärken and mount Digervålen. Here it starts to slope quite steeply towards the frozen fens below and it can go really fast if you want to, otherwise you can zig-zag down into the until you get down to the valley. Continue straight across the frozen fens until you reach the nice rest cottage where you can recover before you turn around and go home again. The trail to Glötdalsvallen offers tough slopes both uphill and downhill but is very beautiful with a nice view. Map or gps can be recommended if you have not been there before.


Challenging skiing with wonderful views.

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Snödåsen ridge

Park the car in Slagavallen and ski the snowmobile trail Åsvallsleden south up towards the windshed at Snödåsen. After the short but tough climb, you are greeted by a magical view of the Lofsdalen valley and Lake Lofssjön and your have the opportunity to stop at the windshed to replenish your energy before heading downhill north towards the car again.


Quite easy skiing except for a steep slope.

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Karins Sportbod i Lofsdalen.
Ridge Snödåsen viewing east and the Lofsdalen valley.


Park the car at the small car park in western Strådalen and follow the snowmobile trail north past the windshed at lake Stråsjön, Then you follow the snowmobile trail or go off-trail until you see lake Storhån. You can fish if you have a fishing rod and ice drill with you.


Easy skiing and no steep slopes.

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Storhån norr om Slagavallen.
Lake Storhån north of Slagavallen.
Turåkning på turskidor Lofsdalen.
Backcountry skiing south of lake Lofsdalen.

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