Cross-country skiing looks easy, but it’s like learning to dance: everyone can move to music, but it requires knowledge and practice to master the art. There is no more fun way to learn than booking a lesson to Karin Sportbod’s ski school with Anna Glad. Regardless of what level you are in before the class, she can help you make great progress and find new joy in your skiing.
Anna is certified naprapath and with a background as a junior elite skier in cross-country skiing. She helps you with the basics of cross-country skiing techniques classic and skate like, for example, to find an optimal gliding technique, timing in the different gears of the classical skiing as well as how to use the five gears of the skate technology to get you going in the track the most efficient way.

Lessons in classic and skate cross-country techniques

Personal Trainer max 4 persons

Time and place as desired.

Technology training and filming 2 h. During a lesson in classical technique the focus is on diagonal stride, double poling and kick double poling. At the skate lessons there are the 5 different gear we go through. Filming is performed on each and every technique and the movies are available after the completion of the lesson. Lessons are booked by telephone.
  • Price 1050 SEK for the first person. +850 for each additional person.

Group lessons max 10 persons

Time and place to be announced.

9:00-10:30 classical technique. Here we’ll cover herringbone, diagonal stride, kick double poling, double poling and downhill technique. 11:00-12:30 skate techniques where we’ll cover the five gears in skate techniques. The lesson is easily easily booked at Timecenter or and sms (text) to +460707205559.
  • Wed classic technique. Time: 09:00-10:30.
  • Wed skate technique Time: 11:00-12:30.
  • Price 500 SEK per person.

Three day course Classic technique

Time and place as desired. Max 4 persons.

During the course we will cover and train on the different modes of the classic style.
  • Day 1. Tech training uphill, downhill and on the flat. We aim to find a versatile and energy-efficient style while go through herringbone for steep uphills. We practice on downhill techniques for lesser falling risk and greater speed. Filming as feedback.
  • Day 2. We refine and improve double poling and kick double poling. Filming as feedback
  • Day 3. The last course day we'll go for a longer tour at a pleasant pace, skiing with me and putting the new knowledge into pratice.
  • Price 2550 SEK first person. +2000 SEK per extra person.
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