Snow Shoes Hiking

A mindful and slow way to explore Lofsdalen's mountains

Rent Snow Shoes at Karins Sportbod

Mountain hiking in winter with snow shoes is big on the continent. In the Swedish mountains it is gaining in popularity. There are clear benefits of walking with snow shoes. Low speed and control of the situation is one. And you come closer to nature than with any other form of winter activity. For people who feel untrained and unhappy with skiing, snow shoe hiking is a safe and fun alternative where you use your usual walking muscles. With snow shoes you walk on the snowmobile trails or freely in the terrain. Note: it is forbidden to walk in Lofsdalen’s nordic ski tracks.

Tours to try!

Aim high for Hovärken

Start at the car parking at the top of the road Hovärksvägen and walk towards the mighty Hovärken. You’ll experience slopes and lighter parts above the treeline. Guaranteed pulse raising at the end up on the summit of Hovärken rewarding the effort with a stunning view over the entire Lofsdalen valley. If the weather is sunny, you’ll have a great day on the mountain without skiing. At Hovärkens topp you have the option to visit the Lofsdalen Skybar.

Aim south for Våffelstugan

For a slightly longer trekk you can aim south and a take a nice trip to Våffelstugan which is located on the Mossaruten‘s summit 820 m a.s.l. south of the Lofsdalen lake and about 5 km from Karins Sportbod. Follow the snow-track trail south across the lake’s ice and further up the mountain. This will get your blood pumping. Or ride the Snow-Track to Våffelstugan and Sömlingshågna to explore and then walk home north to Lofsdalen.

Rental prices snow shoes

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