Karins Sportbod arranges tests of skin skis every Wednesday from week 7 at 11:00 to 14:00.

The modern skin tech skis are a relatively new invention that have grown very popular among all kinds of skiers – from the training elite skier to the casual touriste skier who wants to avoid the pitfall of waxing and prioritise skiing above else. The skin skis offer a brilliant combination of:
  • The glide and performance of the race ski.
  • The superior grip from the skins.
  • The low maintenance of the waxless ski.
At Karin Sportbod you can try several different skis before deciding which couple you love most. Pop up at the test and talk skin skis with us and test one or more pairs of skis as it suits you best.
The leaps and bounds development of high performance skis from brands like from Fischer, Madshus and Peltonen are really stunning.