Regarding Corona Covid-19

Special rules winter season 2021

Avstånd Covid-19

Important: wash your hands, keep your distance, stay at home at the slightest symptom

Acting Responsibly

The staff will take our responsibility by maintaining good hygiene, staying home at the slightest symptom and disinfecting exposed surfaces. We hope that everyone who chooses to come to use does the same so that we can all enjoy a wonderful winter season in Lofsdalen.

Avoid crowding

If there are a lot of people in the shop rental, we ask you to wait or come back another time. We are open every day so there are plenty of opportunities to visit us when it is calmer. It is allowed and encouraged to pick up your equipment in the afternoon before the first day of skiing.

Maximum 35 persons at once inside

Due to the pandemic legislation, we are making some changes as we may have a maximum of 35 people in the store at once. It affects if you are going to visit the shop, collect the equipment that you pre-booked online, if you want to rent equipment and did not pre-book online and when returning the equipment.

If you pre-booked online

One (1) person enters via the store main entrance, you bring your booking confirmation. Our staff will then help you carry your pre-booked equipment to the car. We have set the bindings according to the information you provided in the booking. Ski boots are tried on at home in the cottage and if they do not fit, you can come and change them later.

If you have not pre-booked online

You who have not pre-booked your equipment online may enter one family at a time. You enter the store entrance and report to the person inside the door. Depending on whether there are many waiting, you can be assigned a queuing “puck” device. You wait in the car until the device vibrates and it’s your turn.

Outside return of equipment

Returns on Fridays and Saturdays between 15:00 and 18:00 will take place outdoors outside the return entrance to reduce crowding indoors. This applies to Fridays and Saturdays v.7, v.8 and v.9 (19-20 Feb, 26-27 Feb and 5-6 March). It is possible to return the equipment even outside these hours. If possible, try to come when there are not many people.

One person per family picks up

We recommend that only one person in the family picks up pre-booked equipment. We can instead help carry it out to the car.

Large groups in small portions

Large groups shall enter bit by bit in smaller groups to reduce the crowding inside the shop and ski rental.

Rent the day before from 12:00

You can rent equipment for the next day from 12 o’clock instead of 15 o’clock so we can thin out the numbers in the shop and ski rental.

Full refunding

We will refund the full amount for a pre-booking if you for any reason are unable to come visit us.