Sweden's Nicest Ski Rental

That darn nice ski rental in the village with stellar skis and better prices

Ski Rental at Karins Sportbod

Winter season 2023-2024 Karins Sportbod true to its tradition will treat you more great skis and competitive prices. You can rent equipment for alpine skiing, cross country skiing both classic and skating, cross-country touring, children’s pulkas (sleds) and a large assortment of other things you may need. You can rent the Thule Chariot Lite 2 multi-sports carriage equipped with skis. We also offer professional ski service with our Wintersteiger service machine world-class grinding robot.

Karins Sportbod has for many years been known as “That darn nice ski rental in the village with stellar skis and better prices”. The rumor about us travel from mouth to mouth – a village secret that you share with others out of good will. Our ski rental is spacious, efficient and filled with goodies. In the same building as the rental is our nice shop with everything from skiing equipment to winter clothes, helmets, goggles, kids clothes, fashion and interior decorations.


Package Alpine Adult
1450 SEK 6-7 days
  • Selected stellar skis


Package Alpine Adult
1270 SEK 6-7 days
  • Selected top-notch skis


Package Alpine Adult
910 SEK 6-7 days
  • Selected good skis

We care for our guests

Karins Sportbod is a family company in Lofsdalen. Our quality service and customer care are honest and natural since this is our beloved home and harbor in the world. We hold the duties of hospitality high. Welcome!

You should always feel comfortable with us at Karin Sportbod. We have fair prices and you get money over to more fun. Visit our nice shop or attend a yoga class. Or why not a whole weekend of yoga, good food and skiing.

Try a World Class rental ski

Our business concept is simple but quite unique. Better skis at better prices. The development in the ski industry is constantly moving forward and the difference between a boring rental ski (which we do not have) and quality skis is bigger than you think. Ask us for advice.We are happy to kill a myth and that is that advanced skis are hard to handle. They are not. Rather, they are reliable and helpful – they make you more courageous and raise your skills as a skier. This pertains to everyone from beginner to good. Rent a more fun ski!

Rich range of ski from Intermediate to Advanced+

All skis on Karin Sportbod are of the best brand and have edges honed in our grinding robot. Search for ski in Karins Sports ski rental.

Alpine Skis Advanced+

Alpine Skis Advanced