Cross country skiing is the best and most pleasurable form of exercise. You get to experience the wonderful nature. You get more fit. You can eat a whole chocolate cake yourself without being ashamed. You can glide downhill. You get a more healthy heart. You meet happy and nice people. You get a nice tan (or nice freckles). You do not need a helmet. And it doesn’t cost a ton of money.

Cross country ski packages

Karins Sportbod gives you a 20% discount on the total when you buy cross country skis and boots boots (and bindings). If you buy cross country ski poles you will get 20% on the poles as well.

Skin skis

Karin Sportbod has gone all-in with the new skin skis. They feature a brilliant combination of racing ski glide and the grip from the skin stripes. The development of brilliant skin skis from Fischer, Madshus and Peltonen is moving fast forward. We have the latest models.