Atomic Redster J2 JR 2020

Hyra Rental

Atomic Redster J2 is packed with exciting features including an Atomic Race Rocker and 68 mm waist. It makes edge switching super fast and provides unbelievable performance on all terrain. We’ve also incorporated our innovative Bend-X Technology – a special flex zone in the binding area that enables even the lightest kids to bend their skis and get strong contact with the snow for better turns. An ideal ski to get budding skiers hooked on carving.

Full Cap
8-11 Years
Bend-X Technology
Densolite Core
Structured Topsheet

Längder (cm): 130, 140, 150
Brätte (mm): 109, 109.5, 110
Midja (mm): 68, 68, 68
Ände (mm): 90, 90.5, 91
RADIUS (meter): 10.5, 12, 13.5


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