Paddling in Lofsdalen

Rent Kayak and Canoe at Karins Sportbod

Rent Kayak and Canoe in Lofsdalen

Lake Lofssjön is the heart and lifeblood of Lofsdalen. Rent a Sea Kayak or Canoe from Karins Sportbod in Lofsdalen. Both Sea Kayaks and Canoes are in top condition and the prices are always friendly – as befits the nicest Summer and Winter Sports and Rental shop in Sweden.

Kayaking are canoeing are simultaneously peaceful for your mind and exercise for your body. Being close to the water and silently sliding forward is a wonderful way to spend the day with your family, your friends or in search of the trout. The kayaks are available with one or two seats while the canoes are suitable for one or two adults or the small family. Life jackets are included for people. Life jackets for dogs can be rented.

Around the lake there are rest areas and opportunities for a swim for those who want to cool off. For more information about enjoyable trips – contact us at Karins Sportbod.

Rental Kayaks and Canoes

Kayak Single "Viggen"

Hyr kajak i Lofsdalen. Havspaddeln Viggen enmanskajak.

Sea kayak for one person

The sea kayak Viggen is a harmonious, light and slightly shorter sea kayak that can be used by both adults and children. The Viggen has a spacious cockpit and good storage space for longer trips. The Viggen is very easy to handle out of the water too.
  • Width: 58 cm.
  • Length: 445 cm.
  • Weight: 23 kg.
  • Max load: 130 kg.
  • Rental price from 300 SEK 1 day.
Havspaddeln logotyp

Kayak Double "Triton"

Hyr kajak i Lofsdalen. Havspaddeln Triton tvåmanskajak.

Sea kayak for two persons

The sea kayak Triton is fun and very stable with two large cockpits, which makes it possible to have smaller children in the lap while paddling. The kayak has two large cargo compartment as well as drink and food storage in front of both cockpits.The Triton is also great for paddling on your own. From the rear cockpit you control the rudder and from there have good maneuverability.
  • Width: 68 cm.
  • Length: 511 cm.
  • Weight: 36 kg.
  • Max load: 260 kg.
  • Rental price from 400 SEK 1 day.
Havspaddeln logotyp

Canoe Linder Inkas 465

Hyr kanot i Lofsdalen. Kanot Linder Inkas 465.
Hyr kanot i Lofsdalen. Kanot Linder Inkas 465.
Hyr kanot i Lofsdalen. Kanot Linder Inkas 465.

Sea kayak for two persons

The canoe Linder Inkas 465 is a light and manageable canoe for lakes and rivers. There is plenty of room for extra cargo, dog or toddler. It is well suited for leisure paddling, trips for swimming or fishing. The canoe is unsinkable if a keel over should occur and cenrtified by Det Norske Veritas.

  • Width: 85 cm.
  • Length: 465 cm.
  • Material: aluminium.
  • Weight: 33 kg.
  • Max load: 340 kg.
  • Height at center line 33 cm
  • Rental price from 300 SEK 1 day.
Linder Logotyp
Flytväst till alla

Life jackets to everyone

Life jackets are included for people. Life jackets for dogs can be rented.

Tips on lake trips


The West (Väst) Grazing Ground (vallen)

Across the lake Lofssjön and westwards lies Västvallen. You have to paddle in open water, so some know-how is useful especially if it is windy. At Västvallen there is a resting place with windshield and fireplace. Outside the Västvallen shoreline, in clear weather, you can see farmhouse remains on the lake bottom that were abandoned when Lake Lofssjön got a dam at the eastern end.


The Coney (Kanin) Isle (ön)
Very Easy

The Kaninön Isle is located just east of Lofsdalen Camping just a few hundred meters from Karins Sportbod. Rumour has it that the isle is inhabited by Swedish rabbits. It is a just right trip for the younger ones and those who want to try kayaking or canoeing. The lakeshore is never far away and Lofsdalen’s bathing area is just inside the isle if you need a cool off.

Rental Prices

Rental Prices for Summer 2023. Bicycles can be picked up at store’s opening and returned at 17:00.