Winter season 2019 we continue with our already popular as well as some new fun winter activities. We rent TSL snow shoes together with ski poles – a calm and harmonious way to discover the mountain. At Karin Sportbod you can also rent Scott Big Jon Fatbikes and drive on snow.

We also have the pleasure of presenting Anna Glad. She will hold lessons in cross-country skiing techniques both personal and group. Anna will also arrange recurring Yoga classes for skiers during Christmas - New Years and Weeks 7-10 in Glötegården.

Yoga Classes

Yoga gives your body a wonderful boost and compliments the days skiing Both cross country skiing and alpine skiing enables the body’s major muscle groups.

Snow Shoes Hiking

Mountain hiking in winter with snow shoes is big on the continent. In the Swedish mountains it is gaining in popularity. There are clear benefits

Test Skin Skis

Karins Sportbod arranges tests of skin skis every Wednesday from week 7 at 11:00 to 14:00. Place Ski track Start area Hovärksvägen (Panorama). The modern

Cross-country Skiing School

Cross-country skiing looks easy, but it’s like learning to dance: everyone can move to music, but it requires knowledge and practice to master the art.

Snowcat Tours

Ride the Showcat up the mountain south of Lake Lofssjön It is amazingly beautiful and a something you will not forget. You can choose to

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